High Fives & Stage Dives since more than 15 years! NOFNOG (NO FIGHT NO GLORY) continues to play what they love most – Straight forward, melodic & political Hardcore-Punk! The four guys from eastern Switzerland release full power on stage to turn every venue into an energy loaded and sweaty place. After two LPs and one EP the four friends release their new album «THIEVES» in December 2018. In their lyrics they settle with social injustice, but they also celebrate friendship and fucked-up nights.
The fire is burning and NOFNOG is more than ever ready to tour around and they are thrilled for new adventures – always pushing it to the limit and aware that it sometimes just needs a spark to light a fire!

Jérôme (Leadvocals & Drums)
Roger (Gitarre & Backingvocals)
Fux (Gitarre & Backingvocals)
Räff (Bass & Backingvocals)

Thieves (Sbäm Records, Maniac Attack Records, Subzine Records)
At Death’s Door (Subzine Records)
Our Spark Of Hope (Toxxrecords)
Is It Worth the Glory? (Toxx Records)