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Parco Ciani

parco ciani

A beautiful serene park by the lake of Lugano is an enchanted place. The tranquility of this place will leave you mesmerized with overwhelming pungent aura of the numerous colorful flowers and the sparkling reflection of sun basked lake.

Monte Brè


A journey of just a few minutes from the centre of Lugano takes you to the unspoiled natural environment of Monte Brè where you can discover breathtaking landscapes, hikes or mountain bike treks, areas of natural interest, artistic and cultural locations, traditional villages, culinary delights, and more.

Studio Foce


The Studio Foce concert hall is part of the larger Foce artistic complex which also features a theatre (Teatro Foce) and a library-multimedia library (Agorateca). The building is close to Punta Foce and Parco Ciani and can be rented for meetings, congresses and private events. The building is just two minutes from the nearest bus stop and can therefore be easily reached using public transport. Opposite the Studio Foce is the Campo Marzio car-park able to accommodate 170 vehicles.